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Nomads Invasion Like In The Movies

- Start on 20.02.2024 at 15:00 pm, server time [GMT+2].
- Free registration.

General Terms & Conditions:

- Only accounts at level 20 or more for version 6 and more than 500 net worth points and registered at least one week before the tournament for version 5 are eligible to participate; Imperia Online employees are barred from participation
- All participants will have premium activated for the whole duration of the tournament.

Rules of the tournament

- Game speed of Empires’ development - Mega Blitz x10.
- All players start with 1 million of each resource and bonus items.
- Attacks between players are allowed but limited. Players can’t attack each other 3 hours before a nomad wave hits and 2 hours after that.
- Espionage between players is allowed.
- Automatic nomad attacks are performed against each player every 10 hours, for a total of 50 waves. The first wave is an exception and will last for 17 hours. It will begin 1 hour after the start of the tournament.
- Each nomad wave will hit in an exact hour according to a schedule. The schedule for all 50 waves will be available to all participants ingame.
- For the duration of the tournament, the following Skills and Talents cannot be obtained by the Great People: Logistician, Colonizer, Resource Merchant, Transport Expert, Field Healer, Healer Scientist, Military Post Manager.
- The strength of the attacking nomad armies will depend on the networth of the attacked player. The more networth a players has, the stronger armies will attack him.
- For every defeated barbarian camp in the last 10 hours the player will get a 1% increase in the strength of the nomad attacks. The expected strength of the nomad attack will not be limited.
- Battles are calculated the same way as in the rest of the realms in IO. Nomad units do not have carrying capacity, they always loot everything in a fortress siege. Units of players have standard carrying capacity.
- Nomad attack types follow a random principle and will not take turns.
- If the attacking nomad army wins a Fortress siege, all player’s buildings’ levels are dropped by 1 and their base net worth points cost is deducted from player’s points. If a building is under construction, the level in progress is suspended and its net worth points are deducted. Houses’ level cannot drop below 5 in the Capital, and below 1 in the rest of the Provinces. Buildings’ levels will not be dropped in the event of an attack from another player.
- All players have a maximum of 50 lives. For each lost battle against nomads 1 life is deducted. If a player loses all lives, eligibility to compete for any of the big or special rewards is lost, too. Lives are not lost for losing battles against players.
- If the nomad attack is sent to a province which has not been annexed by the player (e.g. attack going to Province 3, but the player has Province 2 and Province 1), the attack will hit a random province, annexed by the player (either Province 1 or Province 2).
- If the nomad attack is sent to more than one province, but the player has only one annexed province, the armies combine and hit the existing province.
- For each successful defensive victory against nomads each player will receive war income equal to 50% of the annihilated enemy armies in gold equivalent divided equally between wood and iron. This income will be available for only 10 hours. Successful victories against players will not generate war income.
- All players start with Fortress level 1, with 25 garrisoned archers.
- The maximum count of provinces each player can have is 9: the Capital + 8 Annexed Provinces; players cannot annex or take vassals outside of their exclusive zone.
- Instant options - army training, construction and research, as well as transport between provinces, will be available under nomad attack. Buildings, technologies and armies can be ordered in queue even under nomad attack.
- However when a player is under attack from another player the standard rules concerning locking attacks will apply.
- The army upkeep will vary depending on the percent that the army represents from the total networth of the player.
- Market prices will be fixed by their base equivalent and will not change during the whole season. Only an option for resource exchange will be available (even while under attack). There is fixed market commission - 15% (fifteen).
- Governments are disabled (by default, players start with a neutral government without any bonuses and negatives).
- No Tutorial.
- No Happiness penalty for lost Fortress Siege or Field Battle against nomads. Lost Fortress Sieges or Field Battles against players will result in standard Happiness penalties.
- No Remote Holdings (Colonies, Trade Posts, Military Posts).
- No Alliances.
- No Vacation Mode.
- No holiday protection.
- The barbarian camps won’t attack the players.
- No daily quests.
- No Achievements.
- No Wheel of Fortune.
- No Global events.
- No Tournaments.
- No Temple subscription.
- No boosting of the strength of Nomad attacks besides the one from attacking barbarian camps.
- Wonders will be available for construction but only limited to personal effect.
- All players’ accounts will be automatically locked 40 seconds before the current nomad wave hits.
- After the last, 50th wave is calculated, all accounts will remain locked and the final Ranking will be completed.


- Ranking is based on the number of defeated barbarian camps multiplied by the remaining lives of the player. For example - a player who has destroyed 1 000 barbarian camps and has 20 lives, will have a score of 20 000 points.


- Players at the top 3 places will receive the biggest rewards of the tournament - medals and diamonds. Diamond rewards are distributed as follows: 1st place - 2 125 000 expiring diamonds, 2nd place - 1 275 000 expiring diamonds, 3rd place - 850 000 expiring diamonds.
- Players ranking in the next 50 places after top 3 will receive vouchers for 85 000 expiring diamonds each.
- Special rewards will be given in 9 categories:
*Undefeated - the player with greatest score who hasn’t lost any of their lives
*Bloodiest warrior - the player with biggest number of medals Warrior of the Day
*Ultimate warrior - the player with biggest amount of military points
*Plunderer - the player who opened the most barbarian chests
*Strategist - the player with the best ratio between killed enemy soldiers and lost own soldiers and has at least 25 remaining lives
*Defender - the player with the highest sum of strength percent of stopped nomad attacks (for example - 3 stopped attacks at 120% strength give 360 points for this category)
*Economist - the player who finished with most Prosperity points
*Technocrat - the player who finished with most Technology points
*Builder - the player who finished with most Build points
- The top 5 players in each category will receive profile medals.
- The top 3 players in the Ranking will receive physical rewards in the form of special medals - "Mark of the Champion".
- The top 1 players in each category will receive special physical medal.

*The Imperia Online Team reserves its right to change the rules of the tournament at any time without prior notification or explanation to the participants.